My Devices (By MAC Address)

Here you could request a feature you would like to see in WifiKill
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My Devices (By MAC Address)

Post by omarjuvera » Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:06 pm

I have some requests for more functions/features

Request 1:
"My Devices"
I own and use more than one device at a time, while on a free wifi hotspot. It becomes annoying to have to look at my device's IP addresses every time I connect to a wifi hotspot. Not to mention, the ip changes even for the same location on a different day/time.

Could you please add a section where I can save my devices by MAC address, so Wi-Fi Kill won't kill the MAC addresses in my list? (The app, wifi tether by TrevE_Mod has a similar feature).

Request 2:
"App version"
Currently, there's no way to tell what version it's installed on my device, unless I uninstall and re-install. When I select the menu [About], it does shows it's version of the software (ver.4.x or whatever. It would be nice to add it, to know if I have the current version.

Request 3:
"Check for Update"
It would be nice to have a menu in the app, to check for new upgrades/updates. In that way, whenever you release a new version, users only need to select that menu and the app will do the rest (Check and install the new version, if any). We won't have to go to the forum.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. You can even use these features for Pro users like me, and incentivize other to buy PRO.

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