WiFi gets laggy while using it

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WiFi gets laggy while using it

Post by PacParanoid » Tue May 07, 2013 11:46 am

Hello there,

first of all thank you for both faceniff and WifiKill, both excellent apps.

While using your latest faceniff version though (2.4) i noticed that my browser, μtorrent and pretty much my whole wifi network is failing.

Don't get me wrong, most of the times faceniff does it's job(it gets the account)but while it sniffs, loading a page sometimes fails (or takes along time), watching a youtube video is not possible and in general the whole internet is laggy something that didn't happen with your previous 2.1b version.

I've tried with pretty much every single option available on and off but with no luck.
Is there anything i'm missing here?
I am using CM10.1 (4.2.2), Pacman Rom, i9100.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: WiFi gets laggy while using it

Post by ponury » Sun May 12, 2013 9:12 pm

Well that's because the traffic gets routed through the mobile device. It might slow it down a lot.

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