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So What Do You Feel?

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:30 am
by olyd88
Hey ya all member!:-) You know i spend at least once session using WFK and FcNiFF when im at wifi coverage and you know, everything's works very well:-), This app make me sometimes crazy until i found a method to get peoples password and unofficially changed the wpa encrypted passw:-), I was 'happy' being a MiD(man in the middle) until i got 'busted' by the community...well nobody hurt and we settled it in several hours of meeting...and a good thing is, they dont believe the magic done with a cheap phones...they know i didnt use pc and everythin comes in normal again, It just need a professionality in talking skills:-),
So guys be carefull while enjoying "it" ,use at own risk:-)

p/s; please share your experience in this topic:-)